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        Rankings are determined by points. Teams receive 3 points for a match win, 1 point for a match draw, and 0 points for a match loss. Scores are displayed as: [Points, Match Wins - Match Losses - Match Draws]. Rankings here do not take into account head-to-head scores, but do include Tiebreaker matches once played.
        * Has won a tiebreaker for this placement.
        Captain's Guide
        Derek 'Etrem'

        To our new Draught Season 1 and our new Season 3 captains, here is a guide on how to use the site.

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        Season 2 Champions: AAR
        Derek 'Etrem'

        Congratulations to the All American Rejects for winning the Beer League Season 2 Championship!

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        Power Rankings
        Charlie 'TheOldeCrow', Trevor 'My Back Is Soar'

        Power Rankings of season 2 moving into playoffs by TheOldeCrow and MyBackisSoar.

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        How to add Editors to your Twitch Channel
        Dana 'Latratus'

        Setting up other users from the Beer League as an Editor in your Twitch channel allows our Content Editors to access and download your channel's video contents.

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        Welcome to Beer League Season 2
        Charlie 'TheOldeCrow'

        New season, new teams, new items, new tech.

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        Playoff Bracket

        Round 1
        A1. GGG - 2
        B2. IQ - 0
        B1. STD - 2
        A2. IOL - 1
        Round 3
        A1. GGG
        B1. STD
        Grand Finals
        Round 1
        B3. HOW - 0
        A4. TTM - 2
        A3. IIG
        Round 2
        A2. IOL - 2
        A4. TTM - 1
        B2. IQ - 2
        A3. IIG - 0
        Round 3
        A2. IOL
        B2. IQ
        Round 4