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How to add Editors to your Twitch Channel

Dana "Latratus" - Top lane - Save the Post Office

Why add Editors to my Twitch?

Setting up other users from the Beer League as an Editor in your Twitch channel allows our Content Editors to access and download your channel's video contents. The most likely uses for this are to create permanent VODs, download footage for editing, and/or upload to the Beer League YouTube channel to archive the videos all in once place.

Specifically, the Editor role on Twitch allows a user that isn't the account owner to:

  • Edit stream info
  • Run commercial break
  • Edit video info*
  • Upload videos
  • Create Highlights*
  • Create events
  • Start Reruns and Premieres
  • Download Past Broadcasts*
  • Review, search, sort, and delete (including mass delete) clips
  • Set channel clipping permissions

As of 1/16/21 our current Content Editors who use/access Twitch footage are Latratus and Vermillionayr. Items in the list above marked with an asterisk (*) are the only features that Content Editors use, they will not delete footage unless it was duplicated in error.

How to assign Editor roles in Twitch - Step by Step

Step 1. In the Twitch Homepage click on your icon in the top right to open up the user submenu. Go to the Creator Dashboard.

Step 2. While in the Creator Dashboard, find the Community tab on the left side of the screen.

Step 3. Open the Community tab and select the Roles Manager page.

Step 4. In the Roles Manager, find and click the Add New button in the top right. This should open a small menu that you can interact with.

Step 5. Type in the name of the Twitch user that you would like to add (it will suggest ANY similar user that exists as you go, so type and select carefully).

Step 6. When you select the user that you're trying to add, it'll open up a menu with the roles that you can assign. Check the box next to the Editor role.

Step 7. Hit Save! It should give you a feedback message confirming that you added the user as an Editor.

If you made a mistake or want to remove an Editor, in the Roles Manager you can go to the user you want to remove and then hit the minus sign on the Editor role tag.