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Welcome to Beer League Season 2

Charlie "TheOldeCrow"- Top lane Wild Mid-West

About me

Hey everyone! I'm "TheOldeCrow", "Crow", "Charlie", or my favorite "Char-Dog". I want to give you all a warm welcome as we kick off our second season! I hope to bring you guys some quality Beer-League content every week going over some statistics, as well as getting to know our League-Mates a bit better!

Beer League

As some of you may or may not know, the spark that set the Beer-League-Blaze alight, was two people learning that they both played League of Legends, both played competitively, and both wanted to get better. These values have stayed consistant from when it was two teams up to our new thriving community of over 40 players across 8 different rosters. If you are looking for that "club sport" environment where you try your hardest, get to know your opponents, and say "GG" whether you win or lose... Then you, my Friend, are in the right place.


In order for this machine to run, we all need to do our part in keeping momentum forward. Honestly, expectations are not that high. Show up to your match, treat others with respect (but don't forget to drop those emotes and dance moves on the corpses of your enemies), and try to improve-both yourselves and others. To this point, it is ~~recommended~~ expected that after your matches you hop on up to the general chat and talk about the game with your opponents. Remember that time your Jungle fail flashed to try to secure Drake? Or how about that time you caught their ADC farming a wave they had NO business being around? Talk about it! Meme about it! Tell your Captain, " Oh please for the Love of GOD don't replace me with Brand Bot". Ask questions! Learn about others and what playstyle they bring to the table, it can only make you better. This is what it's all about.


Now... On to my favorite part! Throughout the Season we will be collecting Match Data and using that to compile statistics from all the league. You will be able to compete against your peers for the coveted "highest KDA", "first bloods", or my personal favorite " Neutral Minions Killed Enemy Jungle", so go get 'em Tiger. Or Phoenix. Or whatever stance is OP, who knows. All this and more will be hosted on this website [insert url here]. You'll be able to glance W/L records, catch up on vods, and check out some highlights. Without ruining the surprise there might be some interviews with some up and coming players! Deem yourself worthy, and your Names shall be known.

Well, that's all I have for now! Stay tuned for our first week of content after we get all pieces into place! Looking forward to seeing you on the Rift!

Best of Wishes, Best of Luck,

Charlie "TheOldeCrow"