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Power Rankings

Charlie 'TheOldeCrow' (WMW), Trevor 'My Back Is Soar' (NOX)

TL:DR Table

|Rank|Charlie|Trevor| |---|---|---| |1|SPO|AAR| |2|AAR|WMW| |3|WMW|FTC| |4|FTC|SPO| |5|NOX|BSB| |6|BSB|NOX| |7|BOB|BOB| |8|WAP|WAP|

Charlie's Power Rankings

  1. SPO (Save the Post Office): SPO is the top of the league for me in power. If you haven’t dreaded playing against anyone on this team, I’d say you are in for a rude awakening. This team will attack and break you down little by little, slowly wearing you down to where you can not mount effective resistance. By far the best drafters in the league, the Captain “Etrem” really brings this squad of some young talent to peak performance. With an emphasis on teamplay over individual skill, this team seems to have it all figured out. If you are on SPO’s side of the bracket, it’s not looking good. Watchout for this team, and try to avoid becoming just another stat to them(Penta’s… yikes, they already have 3).

  2. AAR (All American Rejects): AAR is a dominating force. Highest mean ranking in solo queue means that this team is ready to Rumble anytime. Taking controversy in stride, this team will challenge you anytime you load up across them on the Rift, however they also give back to the community with VOD reviews and Match Replays. You’ll learn something every time you interact with these guys. “Kerbius” and “Bidoof” are absolute powerhouses in their roles and threaten to win games unaddressed. “Cody” is an excellent shot-caller and plays high impact champions, all around a very strong team. The only thing keeping them out of the number 1 slot is the fact that their team coordination and planning is not their strong suit, with some adequate practice we have a potential champion right here.

  3. WMW (WildMidWest): WMW is a team that has more than one avenue and playstyle that will lead to victory. With “TheOldeCrow” and “trooper” as solo laners, there are few who can claim an advantage against these two. “Vermillion” as an ADC is not afraid to play the utility and not hyper-carry while still putting up some great stats, this team can truly win through all 3 lanes. With one of the deepest champ pools across a team, and several must-ban champions, you can never count on an easy draft. The downside of the diversity of this team, is that inconsistency can hold this team back. Best of 5 format in the playoffs is where this team is going to shine, as with every passing week they have more and more depth.

  4. FTC ( For The Colony): FTC is quite a strong team. With one of the best Mids we’ve seen in the League with a champion-ocean is “Rihie”. With the scaling power of his picks, and the back of an objective minded “Arch-Lechtor” the inevitability of this team will slowly feel like an anchor around your neck, pulling you deeper and deeper into the depths of despair. Damn, don’t durdle or do diddly-squat, or you will be dangerously disappointed directly. “Zesty-Queso” is an unsung hero of playing for the team, using some less than exciting champions(Objectively, dont flame) to dominate and play for the team. However don’t think it’s free, as he has a few picks that will take you by surprise…

  5. NOX (NO eXceptions): NOX is a team that has quite a bit of raw-uncut potential. “MyBackisSoar” is one of the best leaders I have seen. Using his talent to bring others to his level is awe-inspiring at the very least. “IanGoodfellow” is a solid mid player, who has great teamfight champions that can solo win teamfights and games. With some newer or inexperienced players, as well as trying to do everything off of the one who's “Back is Soar” this team has been on the side of some unfortunate losses. Trusting your teammates is key for NOX and they are diversifying their wincons, all while they are improving at a staggering rate. Don’t think they are going to be an easy conquest, because they are going to want it just as bad if not more than you.

  6. BSB (Blue Screen Bandits): BSB has the highest highs and lowest lows. This team will leave you in the dust reeling, while also just making mistakes that end up costing them games. “NunyuhBusiness” can actually 1v9 and has very high impact picks, while also probably winning the “most liked by all” end of the year award. Playing with and against him truly is a treat. “Brommstein” as an adc can be a coinflip player, but watch out, he will dismantle your team if given the opportunity. “Baesilbub” is an amazing team player, even swapping roles to improve mental and doing quite well at his new role, and being an anchor for the team to rest upon. BSB can jump several rankings in this list, if they can make less mistakes, and work on their mental state, as tilt is the #1 reason they lose games.

  7. BOB (Beach BOBS): BOB is the team I know the least about, but even with my limited knowledge, I have been impressed with their play. With a hard-farming “Empex” in jungle, yours will almost always be down in net-worth. “ReallyBadZed” is anything but. A strong assassin player, you better not loosen your grip, or he will seize your chances of victory right from between your fingers. This team could improve through learning alternative playstyles, but still has great looks. The rest of the team needs to find their footing to catapult this team through playoffs.

  8. WAP (What are Pinkwards): WAP are at the bottom of my tier-list, through no fault of their own. With roster issues and out of game problems, they have had a hard time ever being at their 100%. With the reintroduction of a sorely missed “Dubliss” and the consistency of “CrimsonChin5” this team seems to be enjoying themselves, even while being presented with hard games and heartbreaking losses. “Strenth0001” is an amazing mage midlane that controls the game and can pick your carry quite easily, often potentially turning a game. I am looking forward to see the underdogs bring some heavy punches to playoffs, all while smiling and having a good time.

Trevor's Power Rankings

  1. AAR (All American Rejects): AAR lands #1 on my power rankings. This team is a force to be reckoned with and it comes from their 2 main strengths, their bot lane duo (Cerbius and Lvl 98 BiDIFF) and their jungler (CodyWasReformed). I believe their bot lane has the best players in their respective roles and when you combine them it makes a nasty combo. They thrive on their level 2 engage tactic that has an extremely large success rate whether it is getting summoners out or getting a first blood. And on top of that they have one of the strongest junglers in the league. Cody is very knowledgeable on the game and is extremely good at taking advantage of enemy’s mistakes, especially the enemy jungler.

  2. WMW (Wild Midwest): WMW places #2 in the rankings. This team is another example of a strong 2 lane carry, however for WMW it comes from the top lane and the mid lane. TheOldeCrow is the best top laner in the league and he proves it every week. It is rare to see this man lose his lane. He is very good at taking his lead from the top lane and transferring it to the rest of the map. Secondly, Trooper31311 is an extremely stronger laner as well. He has a great champ pool and is a great player to put the teams resources into. This team is ready to make a strong run in the playoffs.

  3. FTC (For The Colony): FTC places #3 in the rankings. This team is led by one of the strongest mid laners in “Rihie”. He is a super versatile player and very knowledgeable on the game. This guy can easily take over the game, so you better watch out. Another very important player on their team is the ADC “Boozle”. Slowly creeping up into the spotlight he has taken over multiple games and is one of the most consistent players in the league. But don’t let these guys take away from the team strength as a whole! Very strong team overall. Excited to see how these guys fair in the playoffs.

  4. SPO (Save the Post Office): Surprisingly SPO places #4 in the rankings. SPO has a very strong team oriented play style and are very smart when it comes to drafting. They also have a consistent hyper carry in their ADC “reecerace”. He is a great person for them to put resources into and can take over games in an instant. They do a great job at rotating on objectives and taking advantage of team fight wins and turning them into more towers/objectives. I put SPO here because by the time playoffs hit I think the 3 teams I put above them will out shine their team play.

  5. BSB (Blue Screen Bandits): BSB places #5 in the rankings. This team has a very consistent skill level in their roster. However their Mid laner and ADC are their 2 carries. “NunyuhBusiness” is a strong player and tends to play large variety of champs including mages. However is a more passive laner. “Brommstein” is also another good carry to put resources into. He tends to get a lot of leads in the mid game and also plays a wide variety of champs. With the new lane swap it should be interesting to see how this team comes together right before playoffs.

  6. NOX (No Exceptions): NOX places #6 in the rankings. This team is centered around a strong and consistent Mid/Jungle duo in “Ian Goodfellow'' and “My Back is Soar”. Ian Goodfellow is an agro mid laner that is good at pushing his lead once he has it. My Back is Soar is one of the best junglers in the league and focuses mainly on playing carry junglers usually involving assassins. However the team lacks the champ pools necessary to win games and also tends to lose lanes.

  7. BOB (Beach Bobs): BOB places #7 in the rankings. They have the strongest Mid/Jungle combo in the league. Starring the best Mid laner in the league “Rlly Bad Zed”. He tends to carry through assassins in the mid lane, however he has a large champ pool which makes him a big threat to any team. His partner in crime in the jungle “Empex” is a super solid jungler and loves to play farm heavy junglers and does it very well too. They take over river control a large portion of times because of mid prio. However, sometimes these 2 carries can’t pull out the win.

  8. WAP (What Are Pink Wards): WAP places #8 in the rankings. WAP has had a lot of ups and downs this season, but most recently they lost one of their strongest players in the ADC role. This team has some rebuilding to do before the playoffs begin, but they do have a stable foundation to do this on. Hopefully their new addition “Dubbliss” on ADC can give some new energy to the team and they can make a strong comeback for playoffs

Closing Thoughts:

We would love to hear you discussions about these for fun rankings and some of your own!

Disclaimer-this is just our perspective and of no way saying that certain teams are bad/ there always has to be a 1 through 8.