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Captain's Guide

Derek 'Etrem' (SPO)

Captain's Guide


  1. General notes
  2. Adding your team
  3. Editing your roster
  4. Adding a series
  5. Adding games

1. General Notes

Welcome captains! I've put together this article to help you use the site and manage your teams so that we can make things as smooth as possible. If you have any questions, always feel free to reach out to me. Here are some general things to keep in mind:

  1. You must be signed in and have been granted captain rights to be able to make changes to most parts of the site.
  2. Please always double check that your season dropdown menu is set to the season you are trying to add data to before making changes.

2. Adding Your Team

  1. You can find the Create Team link from the Teams page while logged in as captain.
  2. On the Create Team page, set the fields on the page.
    1. Name: This is your team's full name, i.e. Save the Post Office
    2. Abbreviation: This is your team's abbreviation, i.e. SPO
  3. Click the Create button.
  4. After creating the team, you might need to refresh the page to clear the red "You cannot modify a team from previous seasons" message.

3. Editing Your Roster

  1. To modify your team's roster, you must be on your team's page.
  2. Once on your team's page, you can select your team player by player. If your player already exists in the database, you can select them from the dropdown. If your player is new to the league, you will need to type out your player's name in the box. Once your player's summoner name is typed out completely and correctly, including any special characters (you might want to copy and paste from, the dropdown should say "Create 'Summoner Name'". Click the Create option or hit Enter to add the player to the site.
  3. Fill out as many players as you have, and then click the Save button.

4. Adding a Series

  1. Once you have played a series against another team it is up to the winner of the series to add it to the site. In the case of a draw in a best-of-2, communicate with the other captain to decide who puts in the series.
  2. You can add a series using the Add Series button from the Series and Match History page.
  3. Once on the Create Series page, set the fields on the page.
    1. Team 1: The first team who played in the series. i.e. SPO
    2. Team 2: The second team who played in the series. i.e. AAR
    3. Week: The week that your match is being played. i.e. Playoffs - Finals
    4. Season: The season that this series is for. i.e. Season 2
  4. Click the Create button.

5. Adding Games to a Series

  1. Once the series has been created, you will need to add your games to it.
  2. While logged in as a captain and on a series page, you should see an "Add Game" menu. Expand it to show the Add Game form.
  3. The form to fetch your game data requires two fields:
    1. GameId: This is the GameID from Riot that you can get from your match history. This will be a unique number each game. See the screenshot below for where to find it.
    2. Which team played blue side?: Select which team played blue side. If you mess this up, you will have to refresh the page before adding the game.
  4. Click the Get Game Data button.
  5. Once the data is returned, you will see a set of 5 rows and 5 columns.
    1. The first column is just a guide for which lane each row represents.
    2. The second column are the blue team players. These dropdowns are filled in by default with the same positions that are currently set in the team's roster. If your players roleswapped in this game, you will need to manually swap the players using the dropdown. Alternatively, if you had to play with a substitute player this game, you would change the player who was absent to the substitute player. If the substitute player has not been added to the league yet, follow steps 1 and 2 of Editing Your Roster (Add the player but do not save your roster).
      1. i.e. If Etrem was the normal midlaner for SPO, but roleswapped with Reecerace in this game, I would change the midlane dropdown to Reecerace, and the botlane dropdown to Etrem.
      2. i.e. If Etrem was the normal midlaner for SPO, but had to be subbed out this game by General Iroh, I would change the midlane dropdown to General Iroh.
    3. The third column are the blue team champions. These can be dragged and dropped into the order of their roles. Make sure that the Player Dropdown and Champion Card both match the correct role specific for this game.
    4. The fourth column are the red team champions. These work like the blue team champions.
    5. The fifth column are the red team players. These work like the blue team players.
  6. Once you have double checked all of your data is in the correct spot, click the Save Game button.
    1. If there is an error saving the game, you will get a message saying so. This will happen randomly. I don't know exactly why. Click the save button again (sometimes you have to click it twice), and the save will try again. It will generally work on the first couple tries, so just keep trying until it does.
  7. Once the game saves correctly, the page should refresh and you should be able to see it added to the series.
  8. Once all your games are added, you are done! The site figures out whether this was a bo1, bo2, bo3, or bo5, and will score your team accordingly.
  9. If you added a game incorrectly, as a captain you will see a red Remove Game button on the expanded game menu. Clicking this button will show you the GameId again so you don't have to go back to your match history and find it again. Copy it before finishing and erasing the game, and repeat the steps to add the game.