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Season 2 Champions: AAR

Derek (Etrem), SPO

The Champions

Late on the Friday night of June 18th, #2 seed AAR clinched the fifth game of finals against #1 seed SPO to take the title of Beer League Champions.

The Roster

  • Top Lane: Peachaku
  • Jungle: CodyWasTiny
  • Mid Lane: Stoverade (Captain)
  • Bot Lane: Level 97 Bidoof
  • Support: Level 98 Bidoof


These are just a few of the highlights clipped by General Iroh, one of the casters of the series.

  • Ikill4CuteDogs hits a big hook
  • Etrem lands a binding
  • Stoverade with the Seraphine Ultimate
  • CodyWasTiny with a Guardian Angel
  • Reece shifts in for the bait
  • Ikill4CuteDogs catches the horse